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Rifle Whitetail Deer Hunts

Our whitetail deer hunts are on the same private ranches in Central South Dakota as our mule deer hunts. These ranches are located West of Pierre, South Dakota on and near the Cheyenne and Bad Rivers. These ranches have incredible opportunities for trophy Whitetails. Our rifle hunters consistently harvest 140-160″ bucks and on average will see 10-20 bucks per day. Historically we have run 90-100% harvest success with rifle hunters. Our primary hunting methods on these ranches are spot and stalk along with ground blinds. These hunts take place in mid November during the peak of the rut. The rifle Whitetail permits are obtained through a draw process. The first drawing for these tags is in mid April and is called the West River Special Buck drawing. This is a private land only landowner sponsored drawing. This Special Buck tag can be drawn the first year applying.


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