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We have over 250,000 acres of some of the best free range ranches in Sonora, Mexico to hunt Mule Deer, Coues Whitetail, and Desert Bighorn Sheep. These ranches produce world class trophies of all three species and have incredible genetics!! The ranches are located in various locations throughout Sonora and are easily accessible from Hermosillo or Phoenix. We also offer Exclusive Tiburon Island hunts for Desert Bighorn Sheep and Sheldoni Mule Deer.  Tiburon island is approximately 350,000 acres and is the ultimate destination for hunters looking for an adventure. Due to the vegetation in these areas and the island, the horns tend to be very dark and have a burgundy coloration which makes for a beautiful trophy.

If you are looking to hunt free range mule deer that are 180-200″+ then you need to consider booking one of our Mexico hunts. These ranches have produced multiple bucks that go 200″+ in the past and every season a few of our clients get opportunities at world class bucks of that caliber. Our management program on these ranches focuses on maintaining older age class animals and holding a minimum score of 180″ on our trophy bucks. We hunt these deer with a combination of methods that include Spot and stalk, glassing, and high racking. We primarily only run hunts during the rut in January which is typically the best time of the year. The rut normally starts around Christmas and goes strong until the end of January. This is a great time to hunt because the deer are constantly moving and a “Muy Grande” can appear at anytime or anywhere. Sheldoni mule deer are a sub species of Desert mule deer and Tiburon island is the only place in the world they are found!! These deer have unique horn configurations with smaller frames but lots of inlines and kickers. They do not typcially score as high as the mainland Mule Deer however they have unique characteristics.

All of our hunts are guided by our best American and Mexican guides. Our American guides are english speaking and some of the Mexican guides are bi-lingual. Every hunter will have at least one english speaking guide or driver with them at all times. The accommodations at our ranch houses are very comfortable with all modern amenities provided. The food and hospitality is absolutely incredible and these two things alone will give you an incredible experience during your hunt. We provide transportation to and from the Hermosillo or Phoenix airports and ask that all hunters arrive and depart from those locations at our specified times.  We encourage hunters to bring their own rifles.  Obtaining the proper weapon license is an easy process that we handle. We do have a limited number of rifles available on our ranches that can be used by clients who do not wish to bring a firearm.

Safety is our number one priority during these hunts!! Unfortunately, Mexico has received a lot of “fake news” and bad press over safety. The fact of the matter is that you are most likely safer on a trip with us in Sonora than you are in any major city in the U.S. Being at the wrong place at the wrong time can happen in any country and is an unfortunate circumstance of the world we live. You will find that the people of Mexico are friendly and very hospitable to you as an American. Just remember that there are thousands of American hunters that travel to Mexico each year to hunt and there are millions of Americans that live there year round. We will go above and beyond during your hunt to make sure you have more safety and security than you have here in your own country!!


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