New Mexico HUNT

Muzzleloader Bull Elk Hunts

Our muzzleloader bull elk hunts take place in Unit 13 in west central New Mexico, one of the largest units in the state. This unit is a primitive weapon only area which means that rifle hunting is not allowed during any of the seasons. We have found that there is a better ratio of older age class bulls in this unit because of its primitive only regulations. Starting in 2023 all muzzleloader elk hunts require hunters to use no scope/open sites only. This new regulation will bring more of a challenge to these hunts. However, it will result in producing higher age class bulls in the years to come. There are three different general hunting season dates available for this hunt. The first two hunts in this unit occur in mid-October during the last half of the rut cycle. The third hunt falls in late November when the bulls are in bachelor groups. There is also a youth muzzleloader hunt offered in early October which has very limited tag numbers. We have unit wide landowner tags for all unit 13 hunts, but we can also apply hunters in the outfitter sponsored draw. Our muzzleloader elk hunts all take place in high desert terrain at approximately 7500′ elevation with pinion and juniper vegetation.


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