New Mexico Elk Hunting

New Mexico Elk Hunting

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General Information

Our New Mexico Elk Hunting is done in Units 10, 12, and 13, located in western New Mexico, and our three main methods of hunting are: spot and stalk, sitting blinds, and calling. In Units 10 and 13, we typically hunt public land, and in Unit 12 we hunt both private and public lands. These three units are not necessarily known for high numbers of elk, but more for the massive size of the bulls. We generally try to kill bulls that score 330 or better, and a good herd bull in these units is usually around 370-400+ inches.

New Mexico Elk Hunts

We hunt high desert terrain in thick Pinyon pine and Juniper thickets approximately 6000-7500 ft. in elevation. Our New Mexico elk hunts are not too physically demanding primarily as the elk are in flat and easily accessible areas during the rut. We typically drive to the general vicinity of where we will hunt, and then travel on foot from that point. Hunters should expect to walk 1-5 miles per day across fairly flat terrain. The only difficult hiking we sometimes encounter is when getting into position atop high points to glass.  If you are hunting a late season hunt with us in November or December, the hunts tend to be more physically challenging as the bulls move into difficult terrain.

Travel Information

Hunters who are flying should arrive in Albuquerque the day prior to their scheduled hunt. Airport pickup is available for an additional $400/per hunter. Hunters who provide their own transportation to camp are advised to arrive no earlier than noon on the day prior to the start of their hunt. Directions to our camp will be provided to all hunters using their own transportation.

Hunters must bring all hunting equipment needed for the duration of the hunt. We do not provide any weapons, optics, clothing, packs, or hunting gear for clients. We do provide qualified guides, transportation during the hunt, food, lodging, and basic necessities.

The weather in New Mexico varies significantly with temperatures ranging from 0-80 degrees. There is always a chance of rain during the September archery hunts and temperatures will range from 20-80 degrees depending on how late your hunt is scheduled. October is usually a dry month; however we do have an occasional storm and may even see a dusting of snow. November and December late season hunts have a likelihood of snow and temperatures in the 0-50 degree range.

Accommodations and Trophy Care

We operate our New Mexico elk hunts out of one main lodge. All of our hunters stay at the lodge, however we do have various satellite camps located in some of the more remote areas that we hunt which are assembled of travel trailers, cabins, or wall tents with most modern conveniences. These satellite camps may be utilized by you and your guide in order to cut down on travel time.

We provide all of the food, water, and snacks that you will need for your entire hunt. We do not provide liquor or beer; however we do allow hunters to bring whatever they would like into camp.

We take great care to cape your trophy and prepare it for your travel home. We will provide you transportation from the field to our recommended meat processor to ensure that your animal gets to the facility quickly, or you may simply use the BMO processing facility at our lodge.  Hunters are responsible for all meat processing and shipping costs.

We look forward to having you join us for our New Mexico Elk Hunting experience of a lifetime!

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