“After being an avid Mule Deer hunter all of my life I finally put together a Sonoran Mule Deer hunt with Tom McReynolds of Black Mountain Outfitters in January of 2020. I have hunted across North America and have been fortunate to harvest some very nice Mule Deer; but an opportunity for a Sonoran Giant was something I’ve waited my entire hunting career to do. Tom and BMO Business Manager, Zach Lashley, set me up with dates and provided me with the proper details to prepare for my hunt. Upon arrival in Old Mexico the BMO crew was top notch from the cooks, to the drivers, to the professional guides. I never felt in danger or uncomfortable in Mexico and the service and the atmosphere was exceptional. The ranch house accommodations were good and provided super food and very comfortable accommodations. The ranches we hunted were vast and the Sonoran desert is absolutely beautiful. At any given time you have the opportunity to harvest a world class Mule Deer which is what I was fortunate enough to capitalize on with my hunt. Glassing from desert lookout points and high-racking is an effective way to find big deer but Tom’s management of these huge ranches makes hunting with BMO a special opportunity. My guide Drew Whetter was an excellent hunter and one of the best I’ve ever hunted with behind the glass. I would recommend Tom, Zach and Drew to anyone looking for an opportunity for a Sonoran Giant. Thank you BMO for a great hunt! I can’t wait to get back to Old Mexico next year!”