Top 10 Hunting Rifles & Guns to go with!!

Game hunting is a serious sport, and when you venture out into the wild, it is best to do so equipped with the right kind of hunting equipment. Of course, hunting rifles come in many shapes and sizes based on the game you want to target.

Here are the top 10 hunting guns Black Mountain Outfitters would recommend. Whether you are big-game hunting or looking for a smaller trophy, this selection should have you covered. Read on!

1. Marlin 336C

A gun that boasts of very manageable levels of recoil, and a massive magazine capacity, the 336C comes in a 30.30 Win or a 35 Rem.

Price range: $479 – $6699


2. Browning AB3 Hunter

Launched at the SHOT show last year, the AB3 Hunter is a light, cleverly designed hunting gun and comes in 10 cartridge variants.

Prices start at $519.99


3. Remington Model 783 scoped

Another bolt-action rifle with a huge variety of calibers, this beauty is exceedingly popular and very economical, too.

Price range: $339.99 – $399


4. Mauser M98 Magnum

Enthusiasts will instantly recognize the Mauser M97 moniker, because this model is legendary to say the least. The Magnum comes in .375 H&H and .416 Rigby (both standard and heavy profiles for the latter).

Price: Approximately $12,500


5. Weatherby Vanguard Synthetic

The Vanguard Synthetic is an all-rounder. It has strong accuracy and handling credentials and is another option that comes with a list of different caliber models.

Price range: $539.99 – $799


6. Savage Model 12 FT/R

This purpose-built F-Class rifle comes with a 6-ounce target trigger and is all about precision and accuracy. Available in 223 Rem and 308 Win.



7. Rock River Fred Eichler Series Predator 2

If AR-style rifles are more your thing, then this one is a beaut. A great option for varmint or predator hunters, it comes in a .223 /5.56mm.

Price range: $1200 – $1735


8. Ruger American

Here’s another rifle that is extremely versatile, highly economical and known for its accuracy. The Ruger American is a great value for money option and comes in numerous caliber options.

Price range: $379.99 – $489


9. Sako 85 Finnlight

The gorgeous, lightweight, full-sized Finnlight is a great choice for shooters of all shapes and sizes, and comes with handy innovations like a fluted barrel.

Price: Approximately $1500


10. Steyr Scout

Buzzwords like lightweight, all-purpose and legendary all fit around the immensely popular Scout. Developed with inputs from Marine Corps Lt. Col. Jeff Cooper, the Scout is an amazing all-rounder.

Price range: $1199 – $1499


An interesting collection of rifles that should cater to most (if not all) types of game. Speaking of game, check out from our Pictures of Arizona Hunting expeditions which saw some deer, ram and elk hunting action among others.

We’d love to know if you have any suggestions or additions to this list. Go on, shoot ‘em up.

Happy hunting!