New Mexico Desert Bighorn Sheep Hunting

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New Mexico has been consistently producing some of the biggest rams in the west.  New Mexico desert bighorn hunting tags may only be obtained through the draw process.  It is a straight lottery system, which means there are no bonus points, and no preference for guided, non-resident, or resident hunters.  Every applicant has an equal opportunity of pulling a tag and although the odds are slim, there is still a chance for drawing a tag of a lifetime.

We have several guides which live in the best bighorn units in New Mexico with the knowledge and skill to guide a hunter to an epic ram.  If you are interested in applying, simply complete and return our Power of Attorney form and we will submit an application for you.  Should you prefer to apply independently, we are available to consult with you as to which units to apply.

New Mexico requires that all bighorn sheep license fees are paid upon submitting your application; however these fees will be refunded if you are unsuccessful in the draw.

Bighorn Sheep Guided Hunt

  • Call for Pricing
  • License fee $3,245

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